Legal and business translation services

Entrust your translations to a specialist

Translators are often divided in two groups – generalists, who work with many types of texts and usually avoid highly specialized and complicated fields, and specialists, who focus only on certain types of texts, educate themselves in the respective fields to a high level and target only clients who require advanced knowledge.

I have focused on specialization from the day I accepted my first translation job. If your task requires the services of a translator who understands law, business, finance or IT, I am your best choice.

I will always find the right words

Dictionaries and online research are an invaluable tool in the translation workflow, but sometimes they don’t tell the whole story even to specialists.

To help me become a better translator, I have set up a private research library that contains not only some of the best monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, but also over two hundred academic books, both digital and printed, dedicated to most fundamental topics in law, business and computer technology – in all languages I understand. Terms and their context never remain unfamiliar to me for long. If it can be translated, I can find out how – and deliver.